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Personal info

What’s your real name?

How old are you?

Born in 1991.

What is your real job?

Full time streamer, was in Lithuanian Navy before.

Did you play others games?

Only play WoT on PC, almost every time on stream.
Never played Blitz, WoWS, War Thunder, Armored Warfare etc etc. and do not plan to try.
Played a lot of RuneScape when younger.
Played various games on mobile from time to time.

Where did you learn English?

Not from school, mostly from games, TV series, Internet etc

What is this boat picture in the background?

The ship puzzle in the background shows the Nippon Maru (1984) made with Skill4ltu father when he was young. Will it ever be hung up on the wall? Probably not!

Is vape healthy?

Not really, but it’s a good and better way to stop smoking real cigarettes if you plan to. 
Model 1: Voopoo Drag 2 mod, Freemax Mesh Pro Atomizer Model 2: Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod and couple of vape sticks (e.g. Airscreamer)
Flavor? Banana of course, most of the time ^^
Making own mix with juice.
Nicotine and watts? 0 nicotine, watts change from time to time.

Skill4ltu Index

Clearing cache and cookies

If by any means you are having issues when reloading the index or something doesn't appear to work right, try clearing your cache and cookies, depending on your browser:

Streaming info

Chat Rules

Moobot protect the chat from spam link, if you you want to share a link ask moderators for permission before, or you would be timeout. (Whitelist : - - - & .com & .ru - & .eu - )


Selling of accounts violates the WG EULA. Please do not discuss such subjects in chat.


For all new followers. You will be able to write in chat after following for 30 mins. This is to prevent trolling. Thank you for understanding.


Discussion or glamorisation of illegal activities (including drugs) is against Skill chat rules. We have a zero tolerance policy on this Baboons. &


Only English language in the chat please.

Racism of any form will result in an immediate ban.

Do not Insult or personally attack other viewers.

Please be respectful to the mods, they're keeping chat the friendly place we all want it to be.

Be nice, Have fun!


2 February 2022 : "Sunday and Thursday is OFF! Stream every other day from 17:00 gmt +2 to midnight."
When Twitch drops happens, it might change to something like that:
Monday ~12 hours
Tuesday ~12 hours
Wednesday ~6 hours
Thursday Offline
Friday ~12 hours
Saturday ~8 hours
Sunday Offline
(~200 hours by month)

Check Stream title (or type in chat : !title ) and social media
To be informed when the stream is online, hit the follow button and turn on notifications.

Not a fan of alcohol, don’t expect or ask for drunk stream.
Usually maximum 12 hours of stream in one day (don’t expect or ask for 24h).

Computer Spec and others things


No request available, and no !song command.
Please ask Skill for the current playlist, preferably when he's not in the game!
Using these youtube playlists with often approx ~1h music video each time.


You get 1 banana each 10 minutes if you are on the chat list when stream is live.
Skill sometimes enables requests, you use your bananas to buy them (tank requests, troll battles, etc)
Check Stream Elements Store

I want to help out, how do I become a Moderator?

You don’t need to ask, when Skill is looking for new Mods, he finds them.

Various Twitch numbers

Viewer Count: 21 319 - 23 April 2022
Users in Chat: 15 912 - Saturday 25 June 2022 20:40 (WG exclusive drops)
Explanation between Viewer count and Users in chat )

250 000 followers - 2 December 2022
200 000 followers - 21 January 2022
150 000 followers - 29 December 2020

Various dates

First player in WoT to 3rd marked all 328 available tanks in the game (except arty): 28 October 2017
Community Contributor: 28 July 2017
Partnership with Twitch: 13 December 2016
Begin to stream: 28 February 2016
Twitch account created: 28 December 2015
WoT account created: 24 April 2012

About Internet connection

Using the only available satellite internet provider with custom subscription and maximum bandwidth (100Mb/100Mb). It's not perfect, but this is the only best option for now, please be patient when it's not working or lagging.
Remember the stream is on 1080P, change quality if its lagging for you.

Twitch Subscription benefits

Directly support the streamer
Ad-free streams (with limited exceptions)
45+ subscriber emotes
Subscriber Loyalty Badges
Chat during Subscriber-only mode
500 bananas at sub and x2 bananas when watching (2 bananas each 10 minutes)
Subs don't need permissions to post links and write in all caps, but please be sensible.


To subscribe for free with your Twitch Prime Sub check out this Twitch guide
To subscribe with a mobile device use this link : Or
Subscription gifting is now available! Check :


Donations/Tips are never expected, but always appreciated! They help keep the lights on, allow the stream to improve. Please only Donate/tip me if you feel that I deserve it or have earned it, and are financially able to do so (make sure you're taken care of first!).

Thank you for the support!

Please note that by tipping you are agreeing that there will be no exchange for goods or services, and acknowledge that all tips are non-refundable.

World of Tanks Info

Goals for EU server

"To get every single acewanker in game, and to 3rd mark all tanks in the game, not the artas, fuck the artas."

Goals for EU 100%

27/05/2020 "to mark all tanks up to 100%, no artas"

Goals for EU server challenge

ONLY standard equipment with no gold shells, directives. Crew Skills are NOT limited. I will play anonymized.

First moe?

BatChat 25t or Chaffee, can’t remember.

Fastest moe?

A-20 in 23 battles for RU, T-50 in 29 battles for EU

Hardest Moe?

Object 907, Object 260, KV-4 Kreslavskiy, etc... depends on the time when marked.

Favorite tank?

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, TVP T 50/51, Rheinmetall Skorpion G, Progetto M40 mod 65, most of the light tanks etc etc

Maximum kill in one battle?

(Ru server) 13 - Progetto M40 mod 65 - 14.07.2019
(Eu server) 12 - T23E3 - 03.02.2017

How much for X tank moe?

Check individual tank at or list of MoE expectation values here - How MoE is calculated. Short version: Your damage + assisting (spot or track only the higher one counts). There is also way more guides on this website, explanations about crew skills what to go for etc etc, it's worth it to check it out. Made by 13Disciple NA streamer and CC!

Updated MoE Top 100 world (or server) by Herhor67
MoE Top100 for EU and NA players by Apfelein  (August 2019)
Marks of Excellence Data by Aim_Drol - Not updated since March 2017

Why do you care so much about Brothers in Arms medal?

WoT settings

Don’t use 16x/25x snipe because it makes you feel like your gun is more accurate than it actually is.

Server reticle? “it's where the server thinks you aim, normal reticle is where your client thinks you aim, difference by your ping” (Thanks to Silncr)

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Marks of Excellence Extended mod
Skill4ltu ingame + MoE mod settings

For a bigger minimap (maximap) use “+” on your numpad (check your settings)

MillionPugs Skill4ltu offer