Skill4ltu's Special - Small

1 item

10x +50% to credits earned in battle for 1 h

5% tip included

Skill4ltu's Special - Small

Check your price: EU or NA

Skill4ltu's Special - Medium

3 items

Styles: Moon Viewing, Ad Astra, Chinese Ceramics

7% tip included

Skill4ltu's Special - Medium

Check your price: EU or NA

Skill4ltu's Special - Large

5 items

TS-5 American tier VIII,
100% trained crew,
1x garage slot

30 days of Premium Account

Style: Kimono

10% tip included

Skill4ltu's Special - Large

Check your price: EU or NA

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126,824 battles82,071 wins43,573 losses64.71% ratio1,180 draws211,792 frags3,603 max XP257,252 spotted vehicles876,420 penetrationsVz. 55 max damage