M36 Jackson

U.S.A.VIM36 Jackson

Versatile Tank Destroyer

This is a proposed field modification from skill4ltu for M36 Jackson. Feel free to try it and share your thoughts about it on twitch or youtube.

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Reinforced SuspensionReinforced Suspension
Lightweight SuspensionLightweight Suspension


Aiming Gears LappingAiming Gears Lapping
Parallax AdjustmentParallax Adjustment


Ejector TuningEjector Tuning
Right-Angle PeriscopeRight-Angle Periscope

Changes to technical characteristics

Suspension durability
Terrain crossing capacity
Hull traverse speed
Aiming time
Concealment after firing a shot
View range
Dispersion on hull traverse (bonus of Standard Modifications)
Hull traverse speed (bonus of Standard Modifications)