SwedenVIIIStrv S1

Sniper Tank Destroyer

This is a proposed field modification from skill4ltu for Strv S1. Feel free to try it and share your thoughts about it on twitch or youtube.

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Reinforced SuspensionReinforced Suspension
Lightweight SuspensionLightweight Suspension


Aiming Gears LappingAiming Gears Lapping
Parallax AdjustmentParallax Adjustment


Ejector TuningEjector Tuning
Right-Angle PeriscopeRight-Angle Periscope

Changes to technical characteristics

Suspension durability
Terrain crossing capacity
Hull traverse speed
Aiming time
Concealment after firing a shot
View range
Dispersion on hull traverse (bonus of Standard Modifications)
Concealment (bonus of Standard Modifications)


  1. Improved Ventilation
  2. Gun Rammer
  3. Binocular Telescope

Main config.

  1. Gun Rammer
  2. Binocular Telescope
  3. Low Noise Exhaust System

Alternate config.