FranceVIIHotchkiss EBR

Wheeled Light Tank

This is a proposed field modification from skill4ltu for Hotchkiss EBR. Feel free to try it and share your thoughts about it on twitch or youtube.

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Valves Tuning (Setup 1)Valves Tuning (Setup 1)
Valves Tuning (Setup 2)Valves Tuning (Setup 2)


Loading Mechanism TuningLoading Mechanism Tuning
Aiming Mechanism TuningAiming Mechanism Tuning


Reinforced Spalling ProtectionReinforced Spalling Protection
Lightweight Spalling ProtectionLightweight Spalling Protection

Changes to technical characteristics

Engine power
Top speed
+2 km/h
Reload time
HE damage
Stun duration
Protection of the crew from injuries
Reverse speed
-3 km/h
Hull traverse speed (bonus of Standard Modifications)


  1. Improved Ventilation
  2. Low Noise Exhaust System
  3. Coated Optics

Main config.

  1. Improved Ventilation
  2. Gun Rammer
  3. Coated Optics

Alternate config.