Versatile Heavy Tank

This is a proposed field modification from skill4ltu for T110E5. Feel free to try it and share your thoughts about it on twitch or youtube.

Skill4ltu's note: Level II: Both options are optional. Level VII: Both options can work.

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All-Terrain SuspensionAll-Terrain Suspension
Lightweight SuspensionLightweight Suspension


Parallax AdjustmentParallax Adjustment
Aiming Gears LappingAiming Gears Lapping


Sound InsulationSound Insulation
Periscope Electric DrivePeriscope Electric Drive


Power Output Tuning (Setup 1)Power Output Tuning (Setup 1)
Power Output Tuning (Setup 2)Power Output Tuning (Setup 2)


Reinforced HullReinforced Hull
Lightweight HullLightweight Hull

Changes to technical characteristics

Effectiveness of maintaining speed when crossing all terrain types
Hull traverse speed
Suspension durability
Aiming time
Stun duration
Additional stun duration
View range
Reverse speed
+2 km/h
Turret traverse speed
HE damage
Stun duration
Protection of the crew from injuries
Dispersion during movement and on hull traverse
Vehicle hit points (bonus of Standard Modifications)
Aiming time (bonus of Standard Modifications)


  1. Improved Hardening
  2. Gun Rammer
  3. Vertical Stabilizer

Main config.

  1. Improved Ventilation
  2. Gun Rammer
  3. Improved Aiming

Alternate config.