Clans Info

Last Update (Lithuanian Timezone) 27 January 2022

EU Server

[SKIL1] Baboons empire

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[SKIL2] Baboon Empire: SKIL2

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[SKIL3] Baboon Empire: SKIL3

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[SKIL4] baboons empireeee

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[SKIL5] baboons empiire

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[SKIL6] Baboon Empire: SKIL6

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NA Server

[BABNS] Baboon empire!

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[BABN2] Baboon Empire 2!

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ASIA Server

[PAID4] SKILL4LTU Paid Actors of the Pacific

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EU Clans available but currently closed

SKIL0 - SKIL7-9 (Possible future clans)


  • English speaking
NA Play minimum 50 battles per month
EU Play minimum 150 battles per month
SKIL1 (EU) 2x 3rd moe on tier VIII+, or 1x 3rd moe on tier IX+
SKIL2 (EU) 2x 2nd moe on tier IX, or 1x 2nd moe on tier X
SKIL3 (EU) 1x 2nd moe on tier VIII+
SKIL4 (EU) 1x 2nd moe on tier VI+
ASIA Have at least one of the Meta tanks ( CS-63, 277, 140, EBR, Super Conqueror )

Community Guidance & Rules

TL;DR Don’t be a dick.

Further Guidance - Teamspeak

  1. Stick to the ethos of Skill’s chat. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be silent.
  2. Racism, Homophobia, bullying or sexism will result in censure.
  3. Disruptive behaviour either on TS or elsewhere disrupting the activities of the clan will result in censure.
  4. Attempting to subvert or undermine the TS permissions, hiding of nicks, using alternative identities or hindering the work of the TS admins etc will result in censure.
  5. Your identity on Teamspeak should reflect both your twitch and ingame nick. If these are materially different, please use <twitch nick> / <game nick>.

Further Guidance - In Game

  1. Do not breach the World of Tanks EULA (game rules).
  2. Do not act in a hateful, malicious or disruptive manner either in battle chat or elsewhere.
  3. Do not take any action which may bring the community into disrepute.